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despre "Nadia" de Ioan Chirila

Nadia a fost cel mai mare boom din istoria gimnasticii. Si nu atat prin faptul ca a facut de ras omputerul de la Montreal, care nu prevazuse decarii ei de glorie, cat pentru alura ei de printesa. 

Cu Nadia se incheie "epoca printesei". 
Nimic incrancenat, totul zambet, gratie si o hlamida regala invizibila. Nadia a fost un moment unic in povestea gimnasticii. Cu ea se incheie epoca de vis a gimnasticii.

 Tot ce urmeaza sunt mici capodopere tehnice carora le lipseste insa farmecul inegalabil al fetei din Onesti. 

Ioan Chirila was born on the 25th of October 1925 in Ismail, a city in Southern Besserabia, now a territory of Ukraine. When he was 15 he moved, along with his family to Brăila, Romania, following the taking of Besserabia by the Soviet Union. He then moved to Bucharest and graduated from the Law School of the University of Bucharest. He became interested in sports from an early age, playing football at ‘Cetatea Ismail’ and ‘Dacia Galaţi’ as well as volleyball and tennis during university.

He started writing for ‘Sportul Popular’ in 1951 and became a radio sports commentator in the 70s. After the Romanian Revolution he became CEO of ‘Gazeta Sporturilor’ and senior editor of ‘Pro Sport’.

He died on the 21st of November 1999. 

He is regarded as Romania’s greatest sports writer and journalist. He was a very prolific writer, writing more than twenty seven books and hundreds of newspaper articles in thirty four years. 

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